Wildwood Animal Refuge

We treat every animal that enters the Wildwood Refuge with loving care.

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Daniel R. Saavedra and Nancy Fritts Saavedra live on a wildlife refuge in Grapeland, Texas. Daniel and Nancy's dedication and love for their work on the refuge inspired the creation of the patented Pet-Wel Kitty Medic Carrier. Nancy is a writer and has published two books:. Minerals: The Rainbow Connection and Did You Ever Dance with a Dragon?  

Gary Hawthorne...

Gary Hawthorne successfully negotiated a licensing contract with MGM for All Dogs Go To Heaven II. The scope of the contract was to provide holographic stickers in compliance with MGM's style guide for the characters of All Dogs Go To Heaven II. The stickers were produced on brilliant holographic defraction foil for luster, shine and visual impact.

Contact Gary Hawthorne at 562-234-8928 or garyhawthorne@gmail.com