"If necessity is the mother of invention, then The Kitty Medic by Pet-Wel has answered the call."

Even though Kitty seems to have nine lives, anyone who owns a feline pet knows there is a real need for a way to provide routine care for kitty as well as other small animals at home thereby, in some cases, saving a traumatic trip to the vet. Pet owners far and wide know how difficult it is to get their feline pet or other small animals to stay still long enough to give vital care. A frightened feline will surely struggle to get away, sometimes scratching and injuring the owner. The Pet-Wel Kitty Medic Soft-Sided Carrier is the perfect solution to make the process easy, safe and much less stressful for both pet owner and animal.

As a concerned pet owner, you can now handle routine procedures, like clipping nails, checking temperature, giving injections and TLC, all without taking the animal out of the cat bag thanks to the patented design of The Pet-Wel Kitty Medic. To use, simply place the pet inside The Pet-Wel Kitty Medic Carrier kitty bag. Make sure that the animal's head is through the opening. Then adjust the built-in collar device to comfortably constrain kitty. Because kitty can't move around much, kitty stays calm and comfortable inside.

FYI: Some cats actually like the Kitty Medic Carrier. There are several panels designed to give access to all areas of the animal's anatomy. Now you can easily administer injections quickly and easily without the animal seeing the needle by simply lifting the side panel. If you need to give oral medications, approach the kitty from the front and open its mouth to give drops or other medications.The carrier also works great for other small pets such as Chihuahua dogs and can be special ordered in a variety of sizes for other animals. For larger dogs, wheels can be installed for ease of handling. The Pet-Wel Kitty Medic is the perfect carrier to take your pet to the veterinarian's office or administer care at home.

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Kitty Medic Box

Dimensions: 14" x 11" x 8"; Weight 1 lb.; Price: $49.95.

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Kitty Medic Box


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