The Quick LiftTM Post Remover enables one person to effortlessly remove a post. It easily attaches to the post, and the cable exerts leverage and torque so that it easily pulls up and removes any size post, whether metal or wood, directly out of the ground. It is lightweight, easy to move, and can be used in hard-to-reach places such as around trees and bushes.  

The Quick LiftTM Post Remover, together with the Rolling Wire Unwrap Device, enables one person to remove posts and do any fencing work, whether in your back yard or on a ranch, and eliminates the cost of labor.

Dimensions: Height 5 ft.; Weight 48 lb.; Lift 39 inches from ground; Capacity 3500 lb. to 6000 lb. Price: $185 plus shipping and tax. (Email daniel@danielinvents.com for shipping cost to your address.) Ships within 10 days.  

Quick Lift Post Puller


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